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My name is James Rodney Martin and I am the President & CEO of Martin Investigations Inc. Martin Investigations Inc. has been licensed as a Private Investigator firm by the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency since 1992.

My company specializes in Genealogy and Probate Research to establish Inheritance & Property Rights. If you've been contacted by us, we believe that you may be the heir or beneficiary to an estate and would like to speak with you.

Martin Investigations Inc. locates heirs from all over the world and helps them to document and recover funds due to them. We are on a retainer with the law firm of James F. Kocher (www. kocherlawoffice.com) in order to help document family trees and inheritances, track down heirs and help in the process to recover funds.

About Inheritance and Estates

Attorney Kocher deals with the estate process of heirs (if an estate is necessary). The estate process is generally handled by court procedures which include identifying assets, determining those persons entitled to the assets, payments of the fees and taxes associated with the estate process, and closing the estate. In the event this process was not started soon after the decedent’s death, the locating of heirs and assets and the administration of the estate can be very complicated and time consuming.

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